The Learning Hook Wins Platinum for Custom eLearning Design!

Compliment eLearning with Modern Art and Tech
April 17, 2014
Finalist in eLearning Excellence Awards
September 19, 2014

Australia Post and The Learning Hook recently entered and took out the win for this year’s LearnX (Asia/Pacific) Simply the Best award for Custom/Bespoke Design for our eLearning / blended course ‘Safe Delivery: It’s up to you!’. To top off our good news, we were also a finalist for Compliance.

[Note – this is not our usual design / development focussed eLearning blog – it’s to celebrate our recent award. It’s such great news and really pleasing to celebrate the excellence of the people who made it happen. Please take the time to read below still, as the innovation involved in this project is well worth discovering.]

The ‘Safe Delivery: It’s up to you!’ training uses interactive video, big and bold activities, definitely goes ‘below the surface’, and rarely mentions ‘policy’. It’s all about turning policy into actions, with some handy help from Go Pros (1st person video), great animations, writing that’s in tune with our audience and a myriad of design methods for the communication cut through we need.

The challenge: Starting with content that was once delivered in a classroom’s ‘read the policy aloud’ session, we wanted to turn it into an action based, ‘what we do’ focussed refresher training course suitable for both classroom delivery and eLearning / online. We did it – with flair and learning design rigour.

The training is a testament to the courage and vision of Australia Post, and the innovative design and execution of The Learning Hook’s team. The content in some ways is now unrecognisable (in a very good way!), more effective, creates topical discussions and a great course to be proud of by all involved. From The Learning Hook’s side, a special thanks to David Berketa, David Keys, Natalie Davis Lum, our copy editing and audio teams and Stray Creative – and of course the Australia Post team who engaged us, let us get on with the design, and had the passion to see some fresh ideas through – thanks Adrian and Andrew!

We’ll be attending the LearnX conference and picking up the awards, but we’re also booked with Australia Post for a session to discuss the specifics of the training and ‘why it works’. If you’re there, make sure you visit the session for some ideas and insight into a really great learning design and well executed bespoke / custom eLearning product. Tuesday, 14 October, Melbourne Convention Centre.

Alternatively, if you want to know more, please email us here, phone: 03 9028 2440, or call me direct on the details below.

Brenden Carter
Creative Director
The Learning Hook Pty Ltd.
Mobile: 0400 749 842 | Phone: 03 9028 2440
Level 5.01, 365 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000


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