S02 E02: James Bevelander, talking creative, video, fresh take on compliance and much more (Podcast)

S02 E01: Graeme Cowan on creating more mentally healthy and caring cultures (Podcast)
May 1, 2019
S02 E03: When accessibility meets good design, with Neil King and Chris Edwards (Podcast)
September 17, 2019

James Bevelander, Group Digital Learning Manager for the Cotton On Group, joins The Learning Hook Podcast for a chat on a wide range of topics. This episode’s highly relevant for retail learning and development professionals, learning designers creating video (from scripts to shoots), L&D for large global organisations, and of course general elearning aficionados wherever you may be 😊.

Snapshot below

  • James’s story: From Flash Developer to Group Digital Learning Manager for the Cotton On Group
  • Hear about a different take on compliance (imagine it being driven by team leads/store managers and delivered ‘just in time’)
  • Tone of voice, style and engagement for global audiences
  • Getting our engagement on: the Rule of Threes for generating new ideas
  • What should never be filmed from the boot of a car…
  • Data collection and insights outside of the LMS – beyond traditional elearning approaches
  • The jingle method (yes, this is a teaser, but an interesting anecdote worth listening out for)
  • Solutions for the ‘white-noise’ of over used (abused?) animation techniques (you know that famous hand that draws so many crappy animations?)

Links from the podcast

Connect with James on LinkedIn. Or join him at the upcoming FuturistiX / LearnX Conference (Oct 15-16th where he’ll be speaking (along with this podcast’s host, Brenden Carter).

In the chat:

  • James Bevelander, Group Digital Learning Manager for the Cotton On Group
  • Brenden Carter, Creative Director and Founder of The Learning Hook
  • Justin Cruickshank, Design & Production Manager at The Learning Hook
  • You
  • Ray Parker Jr (not really, but we talk about him)


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