S02 E03: When accessibility meets good design, with Neil King and Chris Edwards (Podcast)

S02 E02: James Bevelander, talking creative, video, fresh take on compliance and much more (Podcast)
August 17, 2019
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Human Connection in Online Learning
October 3, 2022

Neil King, the National Manager of Vision Australia’s Digital Access group and Chris Edwards, Manager of Government Relations & Advocacy for Vision Australia, join The Learning Hook Podcast to explore accessibility, especially focused on digital access for all.

These guys work in this space A LOT. They know the Australian and international landscape so well and share many tactical ways to create better access for all, taking us from standards to strategy for change. Check out the great list of websites below that can help designers, developers and managers create more accessible elearning. Thanks for so many insights Vision Australia!

This podcast may be of special interest for anyone who wants to improve access to digital media in their organisation, Learning and Development professionals, and those wanting to roll out better elearning. From the creators, engagers to the managers and strategists, there’s something in this for everyone.


Snapshot below

  • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Chris and Neil’s back stories
  • Why good accessibility = good design
  • Accessibility is about greater access for all
  • Some mind boggling statistics that give us all pause for thought
  • Some ideas on how to influence your own organisation for greater accessibility standards
  • Learn the right way to say WCAG 😊 (is it ‘waycag’, W.C.A.G. or wicag?)
  • Top tips to impact digital access in your organisation
  • The accessibility landscape in Australia – how do we compare globally?


Links from the podcast



Disability awareness simulators


Other resources



Connect with Neil on LinkedIn or Chris on LinkedIn.


In the chat:

  • Chris Edwards and Neil King from Vision Australia
  • Katrina Milazzo and Brenden Carter from The Learning Hook
  • You


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