E09: Tracey Ezard chats about leaders as learners and learning teams (Podcast)

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February 13, 2018
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May 4, 2018

Tracey Ezard chats with Brenden Carter and Rhiana Power from The Learning Hook team for our latest podcast.

Tracey is an author, educator, facilitator and leading speaker on creating 21st century tribes that thrive. During our chat we found Tracey to have an absolute ‘laser focus’ on helping business leaders shake the status quo to reach extraordinary outcomes. She’s also the author of ‘The Buzz, Creating Thriving and Collaborative Learning Cultures’ and ‘Glue, the stuff that binds us together’.

Some of the key elements of the conversation:

  • Tracey shares a great story of an organisation’s transition from the ordinary to extraordinary through learning to learn together
  • The impact leaders as learners can make
  • The key attributes of creating learning teams
  • We explore if the old ‘storming, norming and performing’ cycle has changed
  • Tracey shares some hot tips on processes to put in place to better equip our teams for performance (learning underpinning all this)


In the chat:

Tracey Ezard, Professional Triber (visit Tracey here – we highly recommend her blog if you enjoy the podcast: www.traceyezard.com)


Rhiana Power, Instructional Designer / Project Manager at The Learning Hook

Brenden Carter, Creative Director and Founder of The Learning Hook

(and You!)



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Runtime’s approx. 45 mins.

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