E08: Arun Pradhun on Learn2Learn, Learning Agility and much more (Podcast)

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December 19, 2017
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March 19, 2018

Arun Pradhan, Learning Performance Strategist at Deakin Co, Learning Agility Design Thinking Geek (this is ‘so’ his own description – and very well said!), and creator of the wonderful app, Learn2Learn, joins Rhiana Power and Brenden Carter for The Learning Hook’s first podcast in 2018.

Arun shares with us the interesting road he’s travelled to be doing what he does. Join us to hear so much more on the Learn2Learn app (if you follow Arun on LinkedIn etc you will know a little about this app, and if you have downloaded it, no doubt much more!).

Our conversation:

  • Explores some key themes in content for 2018 (not the usual focus we think)


  • Discusses Arun’s app journey – what worked and what didn’t while developing and launching the Learn2Learn app


  • Discovers that vulnerability underpins innovation, and your speed of learning is your current and future competitive edge


  • Introduces the Mystic Myrtle Technique (recommended for all)


  • Provides an update on the Learn2Learn for Business app Arun will release in April (yes, your business will soon be able to access the learning / performance enabler too! Time to organise a business case I think)


  • Confirms the power of experiential learning – yes, we all know it, but so good to talk about it some more 😊.


Join us for 35 minutes on these topics and more.

The bonus is that it also represents the longest introduction we have ever made in a podcast 😊.

If any comments at all, we would love to hear from you.



In the chat:

Arun Pradhan, Learning Performance Strategist at Deakin Co

Rhiana Power, Instructional Designer / Project Manager at The Learning Hook

Brenden Carter, Creative Director and Founder of The Learning Hook

(and You!)



If any comments at all, we would love to hear from you.

Runtime’s approx. 35 mins.

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