E10: Cathy Moore on 10 years of Action Mapping (Podcast)

E09: Tracey Ezard chats about leaders as learners and learning teams (Podcast)
March 19, 2018
E11: Julie Gibson on ‘Bridging the digital divide’ (Podcast)
August 19, 2018

Cathy Moore, training designer, presenter and creator of the Action Mapping model speaks with Brenden Carter and Damala Scales Ghosh from The Learning Hook.

Join our action mapping 10-year anniversary mini-celebration as Cathy shares stories and deeper insights into her workplace performance analysis and design model, and discusses the use of rich scenarios for authentic practice – along with ways to save the world from boring training.

Some of the key elements of the conversation:

  • None of us enjoy a ‘dud’ scenario and how to avoid writing one!
  • The purpose of the Action Mapping model and how to get the most out of using it
  • How the model evolved over the last 10 years to include one more critical question
  • Differences between mini and branching scenarios, and when we might use each type in training design
  • How well constructed scenarios support people to discover the consequences of their decisions, rather than being spoon fed information
  • The processes, tools and essential steps in designing a successful scenario, and the importance of early testing

Visit Cathy’s blog for articles and downloadable resources, and to find out more about her online scenario design courses and new book Map It. If you’re in New Zealand, you can see Cathy speak at the NZATD Conference 2018 over 16-18th May.

In the chat:

Cathy Moore, Training Designer, Presenter and Writer at blog.cathy-moore.com

Damala Scales Ghosh, Lead Learning Designer at The Learning Hook

Brenden Carter, Creative Director and Founder of The Learning Hook (and You!)  

If any comments at all, we would love to hear from you.

Runtime’s approx. 40 mins.

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