Winner 2014 eLearning Excellence Awards

Finalist in eLearning Excellence Awards
September 19, 2014
What you do is not important
December 16, 2014

On Thursday night last week (13 Nov), The Learning Hook, in conjunction with Australia Post, took out the win for the eLearning Industry Association’s Excellence Award for Enterprise training. There is only one top award for Enterprise training to be won (and the same goes for other industry sectors), so we were very humbled when our Australia Post Safe Rider training was recognised as the best in this category for 2014. Added to this, ‘Enterprise’ it’s the most highly contended industry sector in these awards, with a record number of entries this year! So it’s a great testament to the passion The Learning Hook team brings to our work and deeper learning design which was applied in this instance (and which notably our great client at Australia Post, Andrew Buckland, allowed us to foster and apply).

This is such trumpet blowing I know, but having seen the other finalists work, which looked absolutely sensational (and a big congrats to all!), we are even more ecstatic for our work to be recognised as the best this year against such great competition, and particularly as voted on by our industry peers.

If you were there on the night, we couldn’t share with you more demonstrations from the training other than the slide show, which doesn’t do the training justice at all, but I am sure if you look us up or Australia Post, you could learn a whole lot more about why this training works, and has been recognised for this year’s Excellence Award.

We would love to share more on this with our friends and partners and welcome the opportunity to talk.

Brenden Carter / Creative Director / The Learning Hook

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