What’s VR got to do with it?

E01 The Learning Hook Podcast
E01: The Learning Hook Podcast… Podcasts in learning campaigns (ironic, right?)
October 24, 2017
E01 The Learning Hook Podcast
E02: VR and immersive storytelling – Part 1 (Podcast)
October 24, 2017

I don’t get excited about technology for its own sake (trees are awesome), but I do get excited when I see how new technologies can get us from A to B… or even C!

One of our recent projects leveraged skills across The Learning Hook team in film, storytelling, learning design, multimedia and production to design a dialogue driven, live action virtual reality experience for learners.

Keen to find out what creative VR trailblazers across other industries are doing, a few of us headed down to Academy Xi for a session on ‘Immersive Storytelling’. It was great hearing from the diverse panel with various backgrounds and points of view:

• Director and filmmaker Cassie De Colling (and the session host) shared ideas around changing trends in VR filmmaking techniques,

• Creative director Ahmed Salama discussed why and how VR films can build empathy (and the pros and cons of that capacity),

• Immersive technology practice lead Dirk Ullrich focused on current and future leaps in the use and application of virtual and mixed reality at work, home and in the cinema, and

• VR artist and academic Joel Zika, drew parallels between VR and historical immersive entertainment experiences such as ghost train and haunted house rides.

Check out the event sketchnote for key takeaways and tips from the panel.

We came away just as enthusiastic about the capacity for virtual and mixed reality to enhance learning and performance outcomes, depending on learner needs and business goals. Consider it for workers who’ll benefit from:

• virtually experiencing something stressful or challenging before the real thing (orienting, acclimatising or desensitising),

• having an opportunity to undertake realistic practise (role-play)

• ‘walking in someone else’s shoes’ to build empathy and understanding

• visual, just-in-time on-the-job performance support (mixed reality)

Are you doing anything exciting in VR for learning and performance? We’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂

Or hear more from us via our podcasts on VR and immersive storytelling.

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Damala Scales Ghosh is a Learning Designer with a background in anthropology, VET teaching and multimedia. She’s passionate about learning and capability, loves to ask why – and why not – and is very fond of olives. She’s enjoying life with The Learning Hook as our Learning Design Specialist.

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