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August 30, 2013
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November 6, 2013
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Just in time. Just enough… and Just for me. We fondly think of this as The Learning Hook’s ‘triple J’ learning design method. It’s a topic and phrase that’s constantly on the tip of my tongue: we discuss it regularly with our clients, it’s on The Learning Hook website and I’ve no doubt mentioned it many times in blogs. I say tip of my tongue, but it’s also on everyone else’s too I think, they just don’t always use this exact phrase.

Just in time. Just enough… and Just for me. This is a powerful concept. When applied to learning design (eLearning, mLearning or other!), it provides one of the best filters and criteria we have found to distil training that’s the Right amount, Retrievable and Relevant. That’s the ‘triple R’ outcomes model… (sorry for the pun on radio stations for anyone reading in Australia).

Thinking about it a month or so ago, I added a ‘measurement’ to it and to qualify an aspirational goal when we apply this thinking. ‘Just in time. Just enough… and Just for me. Nothing less will do.

We use this as a framework and analysis tool now, and are incorporating the ‘triple J’ methodology into how we run the business too – which I think interrelates to Lean – which is a whole other blog – the point is, triple J makes business, production and administrative sense as much as when applied to learning design.

So the purpose of this blog was really just to note down a few quick mentions of the one phrase, over and over again… and more seriously, to introduce a change.

We’ve flipped two words to their opposites:

Just in time. Just enough… and Just for me you. Nothing less more will do!

‘Just for me’ had always meant ‘Just for you’, but it wasn’t clear enough. Now it is, and it directly speaks to the ‘you’ in the audience, and the target of learning and communication.

Nothing more will do’, is the bigger change. Aiming to deliver just the ‘right amount’ and not diluting that with ‘too much’ impacts training and communication. It now recognises the greater value we bring to any form of communication when we distil messages; when we refine content and objectives to their barest and most powerful bones to impact action for the learner. These two changes are simple, yet… ‘Just in time. Just enough… and Just for you. Nothing more will do!’

In the words of Mark Twain: ‘I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.’

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