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December 16, 2014
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June 4, 2015
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For far too long, learning initiatives via mobile phones have been so ‘hot right now’ without large scale learning industry take-up.

  • Mobile learning, it’s not an afterthought.
  • It’s a key message, not a learning objective.
  • It’s a performance support tool, not an LMS.
  • Buttons are BIG.
  • Interactivity is low, and that’s mobile goodness.
  • Length is short, or it’s just great video.
  • It’s about viewing, getting stuff now, quick reads.
  • It’s not about a system, or complex application.
  • It’s front-end, not back-end.
  • It’s the learning campaign, not the event.
  • It’s more pull learning than push.
  • To go mobile, we don’t need to boil the ocean; the platform does NOT have to integrate with everything else in your L&D arsenal.
  • Implement something small.

Skimming through a range of ‘L&D’ enterprise training trends predicted by learning industry thought leaders over the last five years, we see mobile and the smaller chunks of learning approaches proliferate the landscape. The ‘smaller chunks’ movement has been gaining momentum, as it’s easy to make training into knowledge bytes and the skill pills. But these are still largely experienced on computers or tablets.

For mobile phones, it still seems an afterthought, or better yet, a dismissed thought for a large portion of larger enterprises. It’s discussed, looked at, even piloted, but rarely gets the legs.

After such a long time, and the advancement of mobile technologies and learning theory re: informal learning – the 70-20-10, social, the push and pull side of learning, and our ‘old school’ knowledge about ongoing feedback and reinforcement loops, large enterprise is missing massive performance gains and change if it is not implementing mobile learning technologies to support performance; augmenting and reinforcing current content, training and learning paths; think communications and performance support capabilities; think the ‘Just in time, Just enough and Just for me’ mobile solution.

There are simple ways to do this. Start with something small (like a smart screen).

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