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June 11, 2013
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July 29, 2013

This blog post’s completely eclectic. It presents what I hope are some random idea starters on a Wednesday afternoon.

Design with learning in mind >>> always.

User experience doesn’t seem bad until… it gets better. If you can still access IE6 or Windows XP – compare it to your user experience with Windows 7 or 8 or your most prized ‘big Mac’. User experience doesn’t seem bad until it gets better.

I had one of those pinch yourself moments this morning where I thought, ‘oh that’s right, how outrageously awesome is it that I and others like me can make a living in an industry based on learning!’ I never get sick of learning’s potential and finding its return on investment. I truly love learning. Of course we’re always aspiring for better outcomes, for bigger risk taking and challenging the norm, and of course we’re often not able to implement the solutions we can see are the most powerful – most ideal. But it’s the potential that’s there in every single learning solution we put together that’s a constant, and a fresh-learning-fix. (Oh yes, very idealistic I know, but this is the ‘blog eclectic’ today and it is what it is.)

We just hit 6,000 reads for this blog last weekend. It’s such a small number I know when compared to many, but a very good number for six or so months of blogging.

The Learning Hook is still small enough to proudly say: ‘we work harder, we dig deeper, we care, and we seriously deliver for our partners‘. Human Instincts tells us the perfect sized team (based on thousands of years living and working in families) is seven. To hold on to these attributes in any fast growing company, keep your team/family sizes to seven – just make pods and feed your human instincts.

If you amplify bad content or poor instructional design, it becomes terrible. If you amplify good content and great instructional design, it becomes extraordinary. Amplification in our eLearning world means – ‘do some awesome multimedia-fying’.

Disruption and bold choices are available to everyone and present people at all levels within business and our communities the opportunity to introduce a catalyst for significant change. The cliche’s like ‘eat the whale one bite at a time’ or ‘let’s not try and boil the ocean’ are often repeated for good reason; it’s that we need to cause some disruption within our own sphere of influence and not be put off making a difference to our own Learning Campaigns because ‘it’s just too big’. Just do it if you know it’s right. Just do it in your own area – don’t worry about the world crumbling if you cause a little disruption. If you know it’s right, do it. This is how people make serious change and reap huge rewards – not just for themselves but for their whole organisation and/or communities. It starts with disruption – not the status quo.

Repetition seriously improves retention. Repetition seriously improves retention. Repetition seriously improves retention (thanks for reminding me of this at the Edutech conference Dan Pink, repetition really does improve retention).

Mobile is BIG. We cannot ignore it. Cause some disruption in your business and start finding some simple and low risk mobile learning solutions. Contact us to discuss more.

Social media has created a ‘World of Mouth‘ learning experience – if we don’t exploit this in the 10% sphere of formal learning we influence, we miss out on 90% of the ‘change opportunity’.

Just in time, Just enough, and Just for me >>> Nothing less will do – in learning, in business, admin and in this blog.

Learning campaigns win the war – not learning non-events. Pull rather than push learning wins the ‘tug-of-learning-war’.

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