E04: With HealthXN, Blockchain for Health, Learner Record Stores and L&D (Podcast)

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October 24, 2017
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November 23, 2017

Could Blockchain be the next Tin Can, xAPI or Experience API (or whatever you want to call the new SCORM with identity issues)?

In this episode, Brenden Carter, founder of The Learning Hook, interviews Marc Niemes, Executive Producer at HealthXN (www.healthxn.com.au). Marc’s experience, knowledge and future thinking is considered exemplory within the Health and Learning industries, and we were very lucky to get time with Marc to learn more.

Our conversation covers how Blockchain can be used for learner records (some interesting cross over to xAPI / Tin Can and learner record stores here), the top five challenges in Health, the importance of increasing onboarding and efficiencies in training due to the expense of health (approximately 10% of Australian GDP is spent in this area – seriously – every Australian has something significant to gain from getting training in health right!) along with more on virtual reality, occupational violence training and other learning and development needs. It’s a free flowing discussion we hope you enjoy, particualry relevant for learning professionals and leaders within Health, lots of crossover for generalist L&D folk, and perhaps of interest to the more technical Blockchain ‘miners’ and developers.

Runtime’s approx. 40 mins.

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