Best of Shutterstock – 2017 Cheesier Awards Top 10

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November 30, 2017
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(Plus Bonus “How To Best Use It Good” Tips)

We had such a good time compiling last year’s Cheese Awards we couldn’t resist following up with an even cheesier role call for 2017.

These images are compiled on the run while we’re digging around for the best possible images for our projects. And with our favourite stock source boasting over 1 million (!!!) new images a week, our main concern at this time of year is how much cheese we’re actually missing out on seeing.

We take as much pride in finding the best cheese as we do the creative gold, so we hope the 2017 Cheese Awards brings you as much joy as it does us.

#10 – One direction

Corporate team shots are a stock staple. For most corporate teams, the goal is distant and only observable through an invisible yet narrow window of opportunity… with binoculars, which makes this nugget a great way to kick off this year’s top 10 list.

Special mention:
— It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Cheese Award —
How to best use it good:
At a distance… also requiring binoculars.

#9 – OMG like literally a fork in the road

Decisions, decisions… we all face them at work and decision-making is a regular theme in workplace training, so what better metaphor than a fork in the road. Here we have the post-metaphorical interpretation, literally.

How to best use it good:
When you’ve already exhausted all the railroad- and highway-branch images you really want to be 100% certain your team are lateral thinkers before wheeling out this gem.

#8 – Alter your perspective

Where Escher succeeds in challenging your sense of spatial cognition, this beauty succeeds in challenging every ounce of conceptual messaging you’ve accrued over the years. Is he ascending, or descending? Maybe he’s descending twice, just once in reverse for good measure.

How to best use it good:
Printed out and folded into an origami creation.

#7 – Helicopter into headspin into crazy legs

There is nothing like an interpretive dance routine to help people better understand workplace safety. Throw in some urban grooves and a bit of break dancing and you’ll drive up engagement with the millennials and Gen-Yers while you’re at it. Win-win.

Judges’ pick:
— Cheesy Moves Award —

How to best use it good:
When all else fails, fail again, but in style. Westside, homies.

#6 – Diversity = afro/dreadlocks + ginger

Now that you have the formula for diversity-policy-compliant communications success you’ll never have to deal with another complaint from Raj again.

Judges’ Pick:
— Brie + Camembert + Soft Cheddar Is All You Need to Make a Cheese Platter When Friends Come Over Award —

How to best use it good:
Right after that point you gave up on the possibility of genuine ethnic diversity in media production.

#5 – Yay for us!

After questioning the commitment of the woman in the blue shirt due to the almost total lack of force in those clenched fists you start to realise this entire scene may well be contrived.

Judges’ Pick:
— Swiss Cheese Award —

How to best use it good:
When you realise the token team-diversity shots just won’t cut it (refer to #6).

#4 – I don’t get it

We’ve tried to spin this from 100 different directions and we just don’t get it. What does it all mean? What’s going on? Short of having an existential crisis it’s probably best to just leave this here and let you deal with it.

Judges’ pick:
— Ear No Evil, Cheese No Evil Award —

How to best use it good:
Maybe it’s best if you just don’t.

#3 – Greenwashing 101

We’re not sure what this guy looks less qualified to be doing, installing solar panels or gardening. Hot tip though, buddy: plants will have a better chance in the ground.

How to best use it good:
It’s basically a white flag: you just know your customers know you really have no green credentials. At this point you may as well embrace it and put it on a billboard.

#2 – If you haven’t already…

What could be more eloquent than a stock image that neatly sums up what you’d rather be doing 99.9% of the time you’re browsing stock images.

Judges’ Pick:
— Cheese Knife Award —

How to best use it good:
Try including it in your feedback to your graphic designer instead of actual, specific feedback (which is overrated anyway, amiright?).

And the winner… drum roll please.

#1 – The Tablecloth as Garment

Is it the raw sensuality, the classical reference, or the delicious looking grapes? To be honest this wasn’t even in the running until we realised he’s wearing the tablecloth while it’s also serving as a tablecloth.

— Just-Missing-the-Cheese Award —

How to best use it good:
In consultation with your therapist, stylist and significant other, preferably in the one session.

You’ll be glad to know not one of these photos/works of art have made it into any of our courses or products.
We haven’t altered any of these images, they have all been downloaded directly from Shutterstock.

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