Brenden Carter

May 26, 2013

SMS knocks email out in one round (Market Learning)

If you want to communicate to your audience, change the way people behave and perform, or simply provide information on […]
May 3, 2013

mLearning’s the answer: Will Brad and Penny ever kiss?

Psssst: This is an awesome blog to read of course, but if you’re in a hurry and just want the mLearning bit – skip to the bold A LOT […]
April 4, 2013

Rock-n-Roll learning with Robert Plant

Rock-n-Roll learning with Robert Plant … there’s so much we can take away from any performance, and so much we should give back […]
March 18, 2013

Tin Can API, a duck, innovation and our system

A duck walks into a post office and asks the perplexed post master at the desk, ‘Have you got any corn?’ The post master .. […]
March 5, 2013

Instructional Design used for evil… Unsubscribe now!

I don’t usually use this Learning Hook blog for ‘rants’, but… here’s one worth thinking about I hope – Instructional Design used for evil […]
February 20, 2013

Instructional Designers and SCORM: What should they know?

Having interviewed many instructional designers (IDs) – been/am one, and having worked with many over the years, I must admit, […]
January 30, 2013

Tin Can API – Horses for Courses

We’re currently working on a Learning Hook product which I think is a pretty cool mobile app for ‘user design:with users in mind’ to support […]
January 25, 2013

My iPad is drowning in interaction…

A little while ago I was asked to consult on a learning solution. I’d been brought in to the middle of the sales process and negotiations […]
January 11, 2013

Give me platinum – Give me a page turner!

Most eLearning vendors use hierarchical descriptions to categorise their products/service offerings. They have to really, it helps in […]